Alcohol and Liquor

Are beverages that contain a certain percentage of alcohol may be fermented beer or distilled whisky, whether sourced fruits, such as grapes, dates, raisins , apples or grain as wheat , barley, corn .. or honey , potatoes , starch and sugar. The principal component of the alcohol is ethyl alcohol or ethanol Wine dates back to about 8000 years , and the first place it was discovered the wine was between Georgia , Armenia and Iran , and is believed to have appeared in Europe about 6500 years ago in Bulgaria, Greece , and was very common in Bulgaria and Rome Alcohol damage Show that the expansion of vascular incident impact of alcohol does not preclude the occurrence of a bout of angina Angina Pectoris It is believed that inhibition of the pain caused when patients alcoholics and those with angina caused by inhibition of the Central more influence expanded vascular ; so it is not recommended as alcohol dilating coronary and prevention of angina . It has an impact Mkhrcha membrane gastric mucosa ; is thus predispose to the occurrence of peptic ulcers Peptic Ulcer sore stomach and duodenum , and lead to disorder in the digestion of proteins. , And also cause the occurrence acute hepatitis and gastroenteritis sharp , also causes gastritis mucosa of chronic atrophic and decreases the secretion HCl from parietal cells , as well as decreases the secretion of intrinsic factor for Castel and thus predispose to the occurrence of anemia lack of vitamin B12, also cause anemia iron deficiency because it reduces the absorption of iron , also predispose to the occurrence pellagra because it reduces the absorption of nicotine amide also causes loss of appetite and vomiting in the morning after a short period of eating or on the morning of the following day . also considered friendship and strong and old between tuberculosis and alcoholism . , and is due to the malnutrition and low immune ability when addicts. so there's the argument Medical common among doctors that if you find a disease of the lung when Wino he thought first of tuberculosis . also said that excessive alcohol result in cirrhosis of the liver , which has to do with liver cancer . Alcohol also causes a rise in blood lipids because of the turmoil caused by the metabolism of fatty acids and alcohol causes a decrease in the level of proteins in the blood Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal Withdrawal symptoms begin within 6-48 hours and reach a peak of 24 to 35 hours after the last dose of alcohol Tatha person . During this period, is suddenly reversed the inhibition of brain activity caused by alcohol and increases the production of stress hormones , and the central nervous system becomes very emotion Psychological symptoms Depression irritability anxiety panic emotional instability emotional fatigue Physical symptoms Nausea / vomiting, headache, insomnia sweating rapid heart rate and hand tremors , involuntary movement of the eyelids anorexia Severe symptoms Fever power outages in the body convulsions seizures severe delirium tremens incitement Withdrawal symptoms of alcohol The severity and intensity of withdrawal symptoms for tippler from one person to another and the calculation amount of addiction to alcohol and wine, but the symptoms of withdrawal may be sometimes dangerous and may lead to complications therefore advised to always work the process of withdrawal under medical supervision the whole we are in our centers offer specialized service in the treatment of symptoms alcohol withdrawal

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