Morphine , and morphine is derived codeine and because the word opium is derived from the Greek word (opium) which means juicer , a juicer cautioned poppy The first thing we got from opium as stated in the panel Sumerian year 4000 BC . M. named it the name of the plant happiness , and in the year 3300 BC . M. came in the other plate description opium harvest , and the style of the ancients is no different from currently used in the extraction of raw opium which contains material from 7-10 days a year only . Has been used by the ancient Egyptians _ opium as stated in the Papyrus Ypres year 1500 BC . M. , citing the medication ? ? To prevent children from excessive crying and was also used during the American Civil War and the French war in 1870 and became a large number of soldiers addicted to it Raashidoon addiction to opium and morphine in America in 1910 and began to accuse the U.S. government doctors to cause addiction. In 1914 a law was passed that Harrison forbidden the sale of opium outside pharmacies . In 1874, making the second- acetyl morphine , or heroin for the first time at the Hospital of Saint Knight in London and marketed by Bayer Germany in the year 1898, the natural form of heroin is a white powder , but often mixed with other materials before selling it in the market given the name of heroin from the label German heroisch ( pronounce Hiroich ) Names circulating among drug addicts Bz - B.S. - Vanilla - Soda Bluebell - White - Powder Ways of dealing Common methods are: injection - smell - burning

Withdrawal symptoms of heroin

Featured a lot of movies and dramas that made the withdrawal symptoms of heroin familiar to many people around the world, but they usually do not have these symptoms are life-threatening but it is certain that the symptoms are not easy or simple, especially that were not under medical care throughout the day withdrawal symptoms There are quite a lot of techniques to withdraw heroin and expelled from the body usually show symptoms of withdrawal heroin several hours after the last dose of abuse and peaking between 48 to 72 hours of the last dose of abuse and in within 5 to 7 days these symptoms began to calm and extinction , although the the patient may suffer at this time of some weakness and pain of the remaining symptoms of withdrawal of the drug from the body but left the symptoms of withdrawal and psychological that may be harder after this stage, Drugs , particularly heroin may be the brain's chemistry , as they say about withdrawal symptoms of heroin include : nausea, vomiting , and diarrhea , chills, runny nose , body aches and back , sweating , tears , insomnia , headaches and pain in muscles and joints , severe restlessness , yawning , abdominal cramps , and pupil dilation . Many patients suffer from psychological symptoms also including anxiety and depression , with cravings and severe drug abuse can develop these symptoms also , in some cases, to convulsions , therefore, shall always be symptoms of withdrawal under the supervision of Medical specializes in the expulsion of toxins and drugs from the body

Alcohol and liquor

Are beverages that contain a certain percentage of alcohol may be fermented beer or distilled whisky, whether sourced fruits, such as grapes, dates, raisins , apples or grain as wheat , barley, corn .. or honey , potatoes , starch and sugar. The principal component of the alcohol is ethyl alcohol or ethanol Wine dates back to about 8000 years , and the first place it was discovered the wine was between Georgia , Armenia and Iran , and is believed to have appeared in Europe about 6500 years ago in Bulgaria, Greece , and was very common in Bulgaria and Rome

Alcohol damage

Show that the expansion of vascular incident impact of alcohol does not preclude the occurrence of a bout of angina Angina Pectoris It is believed that inhibition of the pain caused when patients alcoholics and those with angina caused by inhibition of the Central more influence expanded vascular ; so it is not recommended as alcohol dilating coronary and prevention of angina . It has an impact Mkhrcha membrane gastric mucosa ; is thus predispose to the occurrence of peptic ulcers Peptic Ulcer sore stomach and duodenum , and lead to disorder in the digestion of proteins. , And also cause the occurrence acute hepatitis and gastroenteritis sharp , also causes gastritis mucosa of chronic atrophic and decreases the secretion HCl from parietal cells , as well as decreases the secretion of intrinsic factor for Castel and thus predispose to the occurrence of anemia lack of vitamin B12, also cause anemia iron deficiency because it reduces the absorption of iron , also predispose to the occurrence pellagra because it reduces the absorption of nicotine amide also causes loss of appetite and vomiting in the morning after a short period of eating or on the morning of the following day . also considered friendship and strong and old between tuberculosis and alcoholism . , and is due to the malnutrition and low immune ability when addicts. so there's the argument Medical common among doctors that if you find a disease of the lung when Wino he thought first of tuberculosis . also said that excessive alcohol result in cirrhosis of the liver , which has to do with liver cancer . Alcohol also causes a rise in blood lipids because of the turmoil caused by the metabolism of fatty acids and alcohol causes a decrease in the level of proteins in the blood

Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal

Withdrawal symptoms begin within 6-48 hours and reach a peak of 24 to 35 hours after the last dose of alcohol Tatha person . During this period, is suddenly reversed the inhibition of brain activity caused by alcohol and increases the production of stress hormones , and the central nervous system becomes very emotion Psychological symptoms Depression irritability anxiety panic emotional instability emotional fatigue Physical symptoms Nausea / vomiting, headache, insomnia sweating rapid heart rate and hand tremors , involuntary movement of the eyelids anorexia Severe symptoms Fever power outages in the body convulsions seizures severe delirium tremens incitement Withdrawal symptoms of alcohol The severity and intensity of withdrawal symptoms for tippler from one person to another and the calculation amount of addiction to alcohol and wine, but the symptoms of withdrawal may be sometimes dangerous and may lead to complications therefore advised to always work the process of withdrawal under medical supervision the whole we are in our centers offer specialized service in the treatment of symptoms alcohol withdrawal


Names famous and recognized , such as the sea - incognito - white - snow - Flyer - balloon - Beethoven - Buddha - Castle - Abuhend - Indian - Abou Sun - Windmill - Scorpio - Albulesicn - all the names in circulation for this drug forces which spread widely prevalent in recent times , particularly in the Middle East and the Arab world , especially

Symptoms Captagon

Captagon effects  in alertness and increased energy and activity and reduce hunger , and feel the individual to feel comfortable may occur mood swings may be depressed or sometimes be fun and sometimes be confident of himself , and sometimes have shaken confidence in himself and symptoms of addiction Kabtajohn they occur drier in the mouth , nausea, difficulty in urination and read its and headache and dizziness and chills and high fever, feeling cold and gossip may happen constipation or diarrhea also caused amphetamines mydriasis and hypertension, sweating and increased heart beat , feel the addict sufferings own angina ( is useful chest) . Occurs large doses hyper exciting nerves , and changes in libido and low blood pressure or rise and fall of breath, and temporal and spatial confusion , and hallucinations , convulsions, coma and rashes , as Athaj addict and is sometimes aggressive behavior

Captagon Damage

Effects include rapid dose of regular amphetamine (15 mg) inhibition of appetite and a marked increase in the degree of attention and self-confidence and euphoria and boost the morale and reduce the feeling of fatigue and anxiety , and caused amphetamines mydriasis and high blood pressure, sweating and increased heart rate , and in some cases lead intake amphetamines to anxiety and instability . after repeated use of the normal dose is likely the body impact so less effectiveness significantly , forcing one to the multiplication of the amount of the dose and the number of times ingested , it reaches the amount of daily dosing in some cases to the grams of amphetamines , and in other cases up amount to two grams or four grams per day and the use of large doses cause hyper exciting and nerve -like symptoms occur paranoia and schizophrenia also use leads to a state of illusion , where the addict feels that insects moving under his skin , and feel constant tingling . The cause amphetamines occurrence of visual hallucinations and audio thrills and thinner and fear and restlessness and a rise in blood pressure and body temperature , and chest pains , headache, stomach disorders and disorders of muscle function and babble , also lead to overheating of power due to lack of sleep and food is the most serious consequences of muscle is the occurrence of episodes of psychosis sharp and that may lead to psychosis chronic ( psychosis amphetamines ) , and is characterized by the presence of delusions in thinking and doubts surrounding him and hallucinations visual or audio may lead to aggressive behavior because the addict feel the strength and the courage with dementia 0 and the groups most likely to use these pills are the students on the pretext that they help to ensure and recall , and most of these students fail in their studies because these pills cause mental disorders , poor memory and concentration , depression, psychological as well as some truck drivers on long lines and sometimes athletes and people with obesity , and end their lives with mental illness in psychiatric and mental

Withdrawal symptoms Captagon

Show several symptoms of severe stress such as anxiety and chills and body private parties and depressive mood and inclination to physical inactivity and fatigue without effort , in addition to the nightmares associated with the movement of the eyes continued during sleep , and headaches and secretions of sweat profusely and occurrence of muscle spasms and cramps stomach , in addition to the feeling of bulimia severe , and continue such symptoms from two and up to four days , and are treated and disposed completely within one week , but the most common symptoms of withdrawal of amphetamines and the weight is depression, which is usually marked by high doses of amphetamines , so that he may be linked in some cases addiction Captagon the behavior of self-harm and suicidal thoughts or suicidal behavior


( Contrmal - Tramx - Tamol - Tidwell - Turadol - Tramondin - Tramal - Zamadol - Kosdol Kmentalb - Omadol - Tramonal -) tramadol hydrochloride, or the so-called Baltramadol an analgesic and killer pain in cases of acute and chronic pain and is similar to codeine and is referred to as the opioids false

Effectiveness of tramadol

It has been shown the effectiveness of Tramadol in the treatment of neuropathic pain and rheumatic pain and chronic pain patients with cancer and malignant tumors are also used in the treatment of premature ejaculation in many cases because of its effect on delaying the process of ejaculation in men has proved its effectiveness in pain relief , but like a lot of drugs , which began as a painkiller and then spread in the life of an addictive Tramadol is one derivatives morphine and when taken consistently stop the natural release of a substance endorphins secreted by the body to resist the pain and thus creates the problem of addiction and habituation there are other names to call it like ( Tramal - Omadol - Tramx - Contrmal - Oltradol - Tramondin - strawberries apples - Timo - tramadol 200/225 - tramadol X - Tamol 200 and 200 X - Tidwell 200/225 - Kopradol - power) Some of the names of Chinese products and some of them by name in colloquial Egyptian toddler Tramadol is a capsule half white and half orange production company Memphis or green capsule production company in October Pharmaceuticals Amadol capsule , which is a light yellow color Contramal is a 50 mg capsules or tablets of 200 mg or points of the production company Sigma Tamol is a white tablets in a transparent box 200 mg produced by Alcan Trama ESR is a white tablets in a white box is transparent from the production company that Ji Biya Tramal capsules , half orange and the other green in a white box is transparent and there are also points of production Mena Pharma Tramx capsules , half white and the other in the blue box transparent Mrsusin slashes production company Hi Pharm Tramudin white tablets in transparent boxes produced by the MU Pei Turadol flat rectangular pills and tablets of them in small jars and injection resembling water in transparent bottles

Tramadol problem

Tramadol has become a problem is a big problem and serious in recent times in the Arab world in general and Egypt in particular may be due to the cheap price compared to many types of other drugs , as well as its ease of use and storage, and also to buy it Noon Tramadol in Egypt mid-nineties, but raised controversy in recent years after its misuse , and are making the raw material for the drug lab and chemically over the past years was the Egyptian companies in control of the production process , as it was the only outlet for distribution to pharmacies across the Egyptian Company for Pharmaceutical Trading by the Ministry of Health but smuggling from China specifically open room for the descent of tablets with a high concentration of 200 mg up to help addiction , while were not those concentrations available in this form before, but figure the worst is explosive packaged in factories unlicensed and all non-conforming , and the presence of disks with a focus high density increases from the crisis , as the doctors advice is not to use more than 400 mg a day , and that in cases of cancers and severe pain in bones . Therefore we have seen from Tramadol products from China, India and other countries and sometimes to learn the true source

Withdrawal symptoms

Ranging from a period of withdrawal symptoms like drug inhibitory Kalavionat between 5 to 7 days and sometimes lasts 10 days, but less intensity progressively severe headaches and lack of sleep and severe pain backstabbing jerk and stammering tongue jerk parties with loss of appetite and lack of desire to eat and some may haunted seizures some of them had a major who feel the visual and auditory hallucinations with an inability to focus and pay attention and more difficulties that may exist in the symptoms of withdrawal convulsions Tramadol is therefore advised to carry out this operation under the supervision of medical specialist


Is an organization first based in Alexandria Governorate of medical team of doctors and experts addiction treatment experienced more than ten years and includes centers and homes for the rehabilitation of medical and psychological treatment of addictive drugs, within the protocols of American and English, based on the evidence, scientific research, and outputs a therapeutic function, which is based on the urging community treatment is High professional and specialized to meet the issues of addiction and psychological disorders of the syndrome and psychiatric issues

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