Is a process in which the burning material and often tobacco smoke is then tasted or inhaled. This is done primarily as an exercise for the imagination of self through the use of the drug , which comes from the combustion of the active ingredient in the drug , such as nicotine , making it available for absorption through the lungs and is sometimes the practice as part of religious rituals to occur the case of snoozing and spiritual enlightenment and there are thousands of of chemicals that affect the central nervous system and is the cigarette is the most common method of smoking at the present time , whether produced industrially or cigarette hand-rolled from loose tobacco and cigarette paper wrap . There are other methods of smoking are in the pipe , cigars , hookahs , and Albonj " pipe watery ." Smoking is one of the most common manifestations of recreational drug use . At present , tobacco smoking is one of the most common forms of smoking is practiced by more than a billion people in most human societies . , And there are less common forms of smoking , such as smoking hashish and opium . The most addictive drug that you smoke . And some of the material is classified as a solid drug such as heroin and cocaine steel . A material proportion of limited use as they are not commercially available .

Most smokers start smoking during adolescence or early adulthood . Where the appeal of smoking to young people to the magnitude of the elements of risk and rebellion . The presence of reputable standing models and peers who smoke also encourages them to smoke. Due to their peers influenced adolescents more than adults , often in vain attempts to parents , schools, and health workers from doctors and others in preventing teenagers from the experience of cigarette smoking Related to major health risks resulting from the depreciation methods different risk of heart disease and respiratory system , which causes the bus smoking and with the passage of time allows deposition massive amounts of carcinogens in the mouth , throat and lungs . Diseases are caused by smoking of the biggest causes of death in the world at the present time , as one of the biggest causes of premature death in industrialized countries . In the United States back about 500,000 deaths a year to smoking-related diseases

Smoking damages

Pat Smoking is a global problem generally caused negative effects in various areas; health, psychological , economic, social and cultural ... where he is the epidemic more than five million people annually , and no matter how different forms of smoking or age smokers , it affects various body organs and lead to addiction. Smoking leads to infection with many diseases and health crises Chalskth heart attack and stroke , and respiratory diseases and cancer ( particularly lung cancer ), in addition to other health problems and thus premature death . In addition , the symptoms that result from contracting an illness caused by smoking lead to increased stress and psychological and thus adversely affect the quality of life from an early age . Not only is health , smoking also affects the appearance of your skin , which makes you look bigger than you are real . And also affects the taste of the food Haceh may lead to impotence in men. Even if you're not interested in your health and your health , you should know that smoking displays from around the involuntary smoking . Second-hand smoke is an inhalation of tobacco smoke from smokers. If you decide to continue smoking you are exposed family members and friends of the injured multiple types of cancers as well as heart disease and lung . Smoking also affects the children and put them at greater risk of diseases such as cirrhosis of the ear and asthma. It is worth mentioning here that the children of smokers are more susceptible to 3 times for children of non- smokers for smoking addiction in the future . Below are the harmful effects of smoking on smokers in different age groups .

The effects of quitting smoking :

Whenever quit smoking faster , increased earnings from it. This is true even if it is late, regardless of the length or intensity of the period you smoke . Former *** smokers have low rates of heart disease , stroke , cancer, lung disease , compared with those who continue to smoke , and that these ( former smokers ) are living longer lives than smokers . If you already have a smoking- related illness , your Expectations are better if you quit smoking . For example , smokers who stop smoking after contracting a heart attack are less susceptible to one another or die of heart disease . As they fall , -dropped , the risk of recurrence of cancer , or the presence of another form of cancer , and death due to cancer. Should you find yourself in need of surgery ? The body of the smoke -free best qualified to heal , which is less likely to suffer from complications. When you quit smoking , you can look forward to improving the quality of life and feeling proud of your achievement . This is in addition to that you , too , Tovralamal by not having to buy cigarettes or pay for the consequences and health complications . And quitting smoking also terminate you breathe secondhand smoke from the smoker 's family is to be able to be avoided , as well as it provides a good example for children , who are less likely to smoke if the parents do not sit smoking . The pregnant woman who stopped smoking after three or four months from the beginning of her pregnancy still have fewer opportunities to give birth to a child because the weight is low. Your body starts grateful to you from the moment you start quitting smoking and repair damage . If you smoke about 20 cigarettes a day , here's the way in which your body starts healing Fahaamlah : After two hours without a cigarette , nicotine begins to leave your body organs . After 12 hours , the carbon monoxide had left completely different organs of your body , your blood becomes now carries oxygen more efficiently . During one week , more acute sense of taste and smell normal . Your breath , your hair , your fingers and your teeth become more clean . Your circulation improves . And have all the nicotine has faded from your body organs , along with the worst symptoms of withdrawal , in most cases. During one month, starting pulmonary capillary ( hair -like formations that lined the airways ) to recover and get rid of the mucus , and Otaúr larger quantities . In the beginning , you will cough mucus , which comes out of the lungs , are considerably less risks of infection. Soon you find yourself coughing less . At least then also sinus congestion and fatigue and shortness of breath . After one year , there is less risk of heart attack or stroke , and the risk continues to shrink dramatically over the past or the first four years . The least is also the risk of lung cancer , but more slowly . And becomes the risk of heart disease by half the risk to the person smoked .


Is an organization first based in Alexandria Governorate of medical team of doctors and experts addiction treatment experienced more than ten years and includes centers and homes for the rehabilitation of medical and psychological treatment of addictive drugs, within the protocols of American and English, based on the evidence, scientific research, and outputs a therapeutic function, which is based on the urging community treatment is High professional and specialized to meet the issues of addiction and psychological disorders of the syndrome and psychiatric issues

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