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AL Haya Hospital for the treatment of addiction and psychiatry using the latest therapeutic methods in the treatment of addiction and the most prevalent and effectiveness studies have shown the 12 000 people in America that only 2% of addicts who use the symptoms of withdrawal only to abstain from drugs occur to them relapse after a period of time and that 62% of those who have undergone rehabilitation programs and refrained recovered from drugs and alcohol and here we are using in our centers rehabilitation program includes various programs such as

Collective treatment

Is different from the concept of therapy collective of individual therapy , in fact therapy collective treatment is directed to a group of people suffer from the problem or psychiatric disorder and one or share in their interest in a particular subject , and that this type of therapy provides an atmosphere of backing and support for the person who suffers from a problem or disorder given myself by engaging with a group of people who are facing the same problem
And usually works well to treat the problem on the relationships between individuals based their leadership intern processor in order to bring about a qualitative change in their personalities , and the processor uses the interaction between members of the group is to bring about change in their personalities
Treatment is by a group share the same problem and are trying together to help each other first to refrain completely from any exercise of abnormal and then help each other to change their way of thinking and dealing with their feelings and change their behavior and learn new ways to live the practice of natural and accept life on its own terms , even if not gratification hundred percent

The advantages of collective therapy

Treatment that is characterized by the collective will save time and effort , it is the treatment of several individuals suffer from the same problem at one time
The collective therapy effective treatment for those who have severe shyness or social convergence , as the treatment given by the collective opportunity to build relationships with new individuals , and their friction
Therapy is the collective opportunity to vent their emotions felt by a person as a result of exposure to problem
Provide more from the standpoint of treatment and problem solving , and learning new habits to deal with problems
Future continues to individuals with each other , and even after the end of treatment sessions have collective
Access to quick reactions and colleagues directly from each slight change happens or post real
The treatment is generally defined as the collective is distinguished from individual therapy that focuses on the dynamic interaction between individuals and try to modify their behavior through interaction between each other



Specialist doctor available 24 hours a day service hotline to provide emergency inquiries and how to deal with critical situations and dangerous service to bring patients from home sessions, psychological and behavioral therapy : it handles Aldoi treatment center or psychiatric meetings with the following cases

Diseases of concern

Phobia - Phobias - panic attacks - obsessive compulsive disorder - generalized anxiety unrest

Diseases mood

Depression - bipolar unrest

Sexual disorders are psychological

Sexual deviation - masturbation - homosexuality and frigidity - Premature Ejaculation
Marital relationships and family problems

Other Services

Personal unrest
The treatment of various types of addictive drugs
The treatment of all types of addictive behavior , such as excessive sexual - and the Internet - Gambling
With the possibility of the work of all intelligence tests and tests and tests Unification

Education and training systems and centers

Axes training and studies

The focus of training courses and workshops axis therapeutic communities graduate certificates and specialized focus of prevention and preparation of leaders axis psychology Cognitive Behavioural

Some courses and workshops within these themes :

Life Skills
Art Addiction Treatment of the administration to recovery
Cycle Therapy Skills
Cycle of treatment methods between ancient and modern society
Psychological tests
Reliability complicit
The art of communicating with others
The psychology of personal growth and evolution
Educational Psychology Social
Mental strength and internal cohesion
Listening and communication skills
The art of dealing with different personalities
Directors between science and art
Life Science
Plans and strategies
Relapse prevention programs
Therapy techniques Alsacodramy
The ethics of the profession and functions of the processor
Sexual disorders
Healthy relationships
Pharmacological treatments and dual diagnosis
Development strategies mental processes
Cognitive behavioral psychology principles and methods
Therapeutic communities - systems - Methods - Methods
Examination and treatment plans
Collective treatment
Family counseling
Addiction Treatment ways and methods
The treatment of anxiety strikes
Psychological examination within the Oxford model to examine the psychological problems
Program narrative exposure therapy and treatment to restore cohabitation disorder post-traumatic stress .
Groups therapeutic art of leadership groups - types - different exercises
Stages of development groups within the therapeutic community
The art of good communication and listening and communication skills
Project development and management of preventive
Develop the skills of workers in the field of prevention
Systems of modern therapeutic communities
These were some examples of training courses and workshops , for example, and not as a limitation we are also specialists in the design of programs , courses and workshops offered by a team of professors and lecturers



Is an organization first based in Alexandria Governorate of medical team of doctors and experts addiction treatment experienced more than ten years and includes centers and homes for the rehabilitation of medical and psychological treatment of addictive drugs, within the protocols of American and English, based on the evidence, scientific research, and outputs a therapeutic function, which is based on the urging community treatment is High professional and specialized to meet the issues of addiction and psychological disorders of the syndrome and psychiatric issues

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